BERKUS TECHNOLOGY VENTURES, LLC, located in Arcadia (Los Angeles), California, manages several angel investment funds which make seed capital and early stage investments in technology businesses which are primarily based in Southern California. BTV’s Dave Berkus was named US Early Stage Venture Capitalist of the Year 2013 at the International Fund Awards event. The Company also manages Mr. Berkus’ public speaking engagements worldwide which are booked directly through “Contact Dave” at the bottom left side of this page.

“Were all persons involved in financial markets as open and ethical as you, we would certainly have a different and much better world.” – Mark Copeland, limited partner, KODIAK VENTURES LP (managed by Dave Berkus and Berkus Technology Ventures, LLC.)

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Dave’s TEDx talk: “Smiling at success; laughing at failure.”


Berkus Report Taking money from outside investors – YouTube



From LinkedIn 3-31-2021:

This is a 5 years old article by Dave Berkus original author of the early-stage start-ups’ valuation method that carries his name. He describes why his method needed an update after 20 years since its original guide was first published.
In my personal experience within the private equity investment workspace the Berkus method has always been a great, no-nonsense way to put initial valuations of technology start-ups on realistic tracks. And I think that it ought to be better known in Europe. So here it is, it’s a simple, yet very instructive read. Enjoy!

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