Berkus keynotes on M&A exit planning
Posted on: September 8th, 2021 by Dave Berkus No Comments

In a frothy market, tech companies are often deluged with many inquiries about possible acquisitions. 2021 has proved to be such a market, and companies are being deluged. Dave Berkus, super angel investor and member of over forty boards over the years, has seen and engaged in many of these inquiries and subsequent negotiations.

So much so that Dave created a new keynote on exit planning entitled “Are you Aimed Toward the Exit?” to add to his list of popular keynotes. Delivering it twice in September, 2021 alone, Dave focuses on smart planning, rather than defensive reaction to unsolicited offers. His advice leads to activities for a management team to undertake in advance, including creation of a “data room” – an electronic repository of all important legal documents from incorporation to the present. Dave also urges CEO’s and lead investors to get to know possible acquirers through personal contact in advance of any M&A conversations, keeping track of industry transactions, and use of his “matrix exercise” to identify who might be a candidate and what they would want from the company in an acquisition.

Dave finishes his keynotes with as many stories of great exits as he can fit into the allotted time, always an audience favorite.

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