Berkus Press releases fifteenth book
Posted on: January 14th, 2023 by Dave Berkus No Comments


Berkus Press released its fifteenth book, “StreetSavvy Business” by David Friedman recently, continuing the expansion of Berkus Press with books by authorities in early stage and mid-sized business management.  From its start in 2009, the Berkus Press has published fourteen books by Dave Berkus, often co-authored by other well-known personalities in the business world or early stage investment community.  Distributed through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and booksellers everywhere, Berkus Press books have been distributed in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Led by the “Berkonomics” series of three books, Berkus Press titles include “Extending the Runway” and “Get Scrappy” and the Small Business Success Series of eight books, and now, “StreetSavvy Business.”  All are available in Kindle editions as well as soft copy books, while most are also available in hard cover editions (these directly from the Berkus Press, not through distribution.)

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