ACTIVE NETWORK, INC. (Nasdaq: ACTV)   Complete community for sports teams, organizations and physically active individuals seeking help and community. Home to over 1.5 million registered teams worldwide for game schedules, team performance, roster and training information. (From a merger with eTeamz, Inc.) (Dave on the Board.)

GREEN DOT , Inc. (NYSE GDOT) MasterCard and VISA branded retail prepaid credit card available at over 75,000 stores throughout North America. Host of the Green Dot Financial Network for banks that supply debit cards nationwide. Now the largest retail network with the most cards active of any debit card company in the world.

DURAND COMMUNICATIONS, INC.   Early to the Internet with innovative photo-database and community products that predated Web 2.0 social networking by more than a decade.  (Sold to WEBB, Inc., a public company.)  (Dave of the Board.)

KODIAK VENTURES, L.P.  Berkus Technology Ventures, LLC served as General Partner for this technology venture fund which closed in late 2012, earning a spot in the top 2% of all vintage 1999 funds for its excellent performance. (Dave Managing Partner.)

ETEAM, inc.   A software and services company providing products and services to public and private entities engaged in emergency and event management. Provided emergency and communications management systems for Democratic and Republican conventions, the Salt Lake City and Athens Olympic Games, emergency coordination for hurricanes Charley, Francis and Ivan, Reagan memorial services and Election day, among many others. Working for the FBI, state and local governments and companies worldwide. (Acquired by NC4 then IBM).

GAMESPY INDUSTRIES, Inc. / IGN Network (Now Fox Interactive)   The most visited game community of the Internet, with over 40 million combined visitors and over 41 million registered users of its technology. Creator of tools used by most of the largest game developers and publishers to enable Internet multi-player capabilities. GameSpy is the most-often used method for interactive game players to find their game servers and join the fun!  (From a merger of GameSpy with IGN and subsequent purchase by Fox Interactive.)  (Dave Chairman of the Board.)

INCEPTOR, INC.    The premiere marketing tools company for Internet marketing.  Inceptor gives on-line marketers the technical capabilities and real-time information to measurably increase the effectiveness of their Internet marketing efforts.  (From an acquisition of the assets of Word Of Net, Inc.) (Sold to Sprint Yellow Pages.) 

LEISURELINK, INC. (Merged with VacationRoost, Inc.,  then the combination renamed LesiureLink) Now the world’s leading distribution and booking platform for vacation rentals. Revolutionizing the process of booking vacation rentals by aggregating inventory electronically from property management companies in North America and the world, then distributing the inventory through travel agents, SABRE, GALILEO and AMADEUS, PRICELINE, and over 150 online travel sites. LeisureLink facilitates real-time reservation and payment processing through leading online and offline travel agencies, including AirB&B, HomeAway, AOL, Expedia, Travelocity, and Yahoo, among many others. The fastest way to find a great vacation rental. Funded by Kodiak Ventures, Mission Ventures, RCI and Clearstone Ventures.  (Dave former Chairman of the Board.)

MACRO EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS, INC.    North America’s largest supplier of student information systems for K-12 school districts nationwide.  Creator of “SASI”, the leader in innovation and use. (Acquired by NCS-Pearson) (Dave on the Board.)

MULTI-SYSTEMS, INC. (MSI)   Hotel core systems provider of property management software and associated systems, serving over 3,800 hotels in North America with first class service, featuring second generation true cloud software. (Acquired by Jonas Software, 2016) (Dave adviser to the CEO.)

PHATNOISE, INC/ HARMON INTERNATIONAL   Intelligent networking for portable applications, including the automobile. Featuring the PhatBox, digital media player for cars, PhatNoise produced computer networks that tie communication and entertainment systems into one seamless platform linked to a car’s audio-visual infrastructure. (From a sale of PhatNoise to Harmon, International.)

PICTAGE, INC.    The world’s largest processor of digital photographs for professional photographers. Using unique technology and computerized control systems, Pictage supports North American and overseas professional photographers by taking over all ordering, fulfillment and collection tasks, including publishing proofs on the Internet and producing finished digital prints in its large in-house laboratory.  (Acquired in 2005).

PING IDENTITY CORPORATION   The leader in “federated identity” software, the backbone for bank and financial institution secure recognition of customers and financial partners. Creators of “PingFederate”, “PingDeploy” and “SourceID”, software products that deploy connectivity and security solutions that follow the Liberty Alliance standard, which PingID helped to mold.  Part of the invisible plumbing of communications networks, you couldn’t bank without it. (Acquired by Vista Equity June 2016)



AURIQ SYSTEMS, Inc.  Leader in network infrastructure solutions that enable the world’s network service providers (telecom, wireless, ISPs, ASPs, cable and broadband operators) to offer bandwidth measurement, real-time control over user-redirection, marketing information and dynamic web usage billing for large entities. Now featuring “Essentia,” the fastest big data analytic engine ever. Active in North America and Asia. Partnering with some of the biggest names in e-commerce. (Dave on the Board.)

BEACON HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, INC.  Cloud-based software-as-a-service systems for health plan compliance and operations.  Provides systems and consulting for some of the major healthcare providers in America and beyond.  (Dave on the Board)

CEYX TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  Developer of software-enabled control systems for light-emitting devices (such as diode lasers). Breakthrough solution that will render analog controls obsolete and become the de facto standard for systems that monitor and control any form of emitted light.

CPM SYSTEMS, INC.  Over a decade of development behind this unique, electronic patient self-interview system to aid doctors quickly diagnose and document patient symptoms with the aid of intelligent questions created by domain experts within various medical specialties. Funded by grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH), CPM’s premier product, “CarePrep”, is at the early trial stage in preparation for broad roll out to clinics and patient care facilities.  (Dave Chairman of the Board.)

EPC INTERNATIONAL, Inc.   A leader in enterprise supply chain software and handheld solutions for the perishable foods industry. Developer of “Titan 9”, SQL Server / Oracle-based enterprise solution for route and bulk distributors.  (Dave Chairman of the Board.)

EXTENDCREDIT, Inc.  Providing the infrastructure for supplier-based terms credit sales nationwide, specializing in the dental and veterinary niches.  (Dave Chairman of the Board.)

TRANSCEPTA, LLC.  Eighty percent of American businesses rely upon paper for invoices and payments. Transcepta is a service that automates business invoicing in large quantities – over a million invoices each month. Using Transcepta’s unique technology, companies are paid faster and at less cost for the accounting and collection process.  (Dave Chairman of the Board.)

X-AD, Inc.    Creator of patented “multi-modal” tools for cellular carriers, extending user applications of cell phones to include use of voice and visual capabilities simultaneously, combination of text and voice communication, and user control over multimedia content using a cell phone.

WYSPRY, Inc.  Wispry develops low-cost high-performance components and modules for radio frequency (RF) system manufacturers, based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. Wispry was formed through a spin-off of the RF/Wireless business unit of Coventor, Inc., the market-leading MEMS software company.

Funds managed by Dave Berkus:  ANGEL CAPITAL ENTREPRENEUR FUNDS (ACE Funds) 1,2,3; KODIAK VENTURES, LP (now fully distributed), and BERKUS TECHNOLOGY VENTURES, LLC.