Two Berkus books now in audiobook format.
Posted on: March 29th, 2022 by Dave Berkus No Comments

After over a decade of requests, Released in March 2022, Berkonomics and Extending the Runway are now available as audio books.  Available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes in the United States and UK, Berkonomics is the first in a series of three books in the Berkonomics series.  Extending the Runway is Dave Berkus’ most widely distributed book, undergoing several revisions and several edition printings over the years.  Both in their most current editions are distributed worldwide in soft cover and Kindle editions, and now in audio book form, (with the hard cover editions directly and only from  Here is a link to Berkonomics on the Amazon-Audible site for purchase (or free read if an Audible member.)  And here is the link to the  Extending the Runway audiobook on Amazon.

Here is a very short sample of Berkonomics:

And here is a short sample of Extending the Runway:

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