Well respected in the business community for his knowledge, experience and connections, Dave Berkus consults to senior management of companies large and small.

Dave specializes in the following:   CEO coaching.  Business process analysis and reorganization.  Corporate governance best practices and board coaching.   Startup coaching and organization.  Fund-raising advice and preparation. Corporate growth strategies and execution.  Acquisition advising and integration coaching.  Advice regarding risk mitigation.  Preparing companies for liquidity events.   

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Dave’s video insights for business managers and entrepreneurs appear in LinkedIn, on both of his YouTube channels (“Startup Masterclass” and “Dave Berkus”), and other publishers as well.

Here are sample Berkus Report segments from the TV show – still available on YouTube- the first one on financing a start-up:

Berkus Report: “Ten tests for business success:
Berkus Report: Using dashboards for efficient management: