What people say – Governance, Entrepreneurism, and Trends Workshops


Future Tech Trends and Your Business  (Half Day Workshop Event)

“Once again,  your “rankings” were at the top of our scale. Each year our ABL Members anxiously await your word on what the hottest tech trends are – and you always deliver brilliantly. In fact, several at my table said it was your best presentation ever. And, given how early in the year it was – with a whole new presentation, that’s truly a compliment! As always, thank you so much for putting our Eighth Annual Top Tech Trends over the top!”  Mimi Grant, President, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL Trends CEO Workshop)


‘Building Effective Boards’ and ‘Extending the Runway’ Workshops (Half Day Workshop Events)

“Our portfolio company CEO’s and their Directors effusively praised the takeaway value of your ‘Building Effective Boards’ workshop…a truly high impact event!”   John Huston, Manager, Ohio TechAngels (Berkus Ohio Board workshop)

“Your knowledge and expertise is priceless. Learning from you never ends – truly ‘legendary’.”   JJ Richa, Tech Coast Angels (Workshop For TCA Members)

“Dave is a masterful speaker, elegantly incisive, sharing a brimful of real life boardroom experiences with his audience. Angel investors, entrepreneurs and members of boards have all gained some special insight from his workshops and books – make sure you do too!”   Bruce MacCormack, Chairman, Bellingham Angel Group (Berkus Bellingham angel capital workshop)

“Thank you for a wonderful day of information, challenges and good examples. I believe I can say without overstating the case that you have changed the way we think as an entrepreneurial community. I was amazed at the level of the buzz, and variety of the different ‘Berkusisms’ about which the buzz was buzzing!”   Will Indest, Director, TechStart – TechColumbus (Berkus angel capital workshop)

“I thought the presentation was outstanding – a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills. Dave is a model to follow. He has done a masterful job of distilling decades of experience and knowledge into something we can immediately apply to our own pursuits.”  Doug Moskowitz – Mid-America Angels (Berkus Mid-America Angels Workshop)

“Dave Berkus’ advice on extending the runway – as well as leveraging boards – was timely and effective. The technology entrepreneurs in our program came away with perspective, tools and vision to tackle the many challenges they now face during this economic downturn.”  Joni Cobb, President KTEC PIPELINE (Berkus Kansas State KTEC entrepreneur’s workshop)

“I just attended Dave’s “Board Essentials Workshop” and all I can say is WOW.  The insight, tips, and recipes for active and prospective board members is invaluable.  I currently sit on a number of early stage boards and the workshop provides action-oriented tactics and strategies that I can bring not only to the board room, but to every action with my portfolio CEO’s.  It’s like BERKONOMICS for boards!”  Dean Rosenberg, CEO Venture San Diego (Berkus Board Essentials Workshop)

“Thank you, thank you for the wonderful workshop, for your passion, and for sharing your incredible experience and humor with TCA San Diego.”  Robert Fried, Tech Coast Angels (Berkus San Diego Board Essentials Workshop)