What people say – “Will tech kill your job?” and “Wave of Creative Destruction” keynotes

Keynote address: “Will Tech Kill Your Job?” and “Approaching the Wave of Creative Destruction”

This timely keynote  addresses the massive changes in our economy and our personal lives that are coming in the next wave of technology, just a few years away.  Dave states that we are in a decade of creative destruction that will affect all of us.  These rapid changes and dislocations are aided by tail winds brought on by the almost universal spread of access to the Internet.  What general kinds of jobs will be lost to automation?  What new field will become heated opportunities for entrepreneurs? Dave answers these questions and more in this riveting presentation laced with humor and full of important information for us all.

What people say about this keynote:

“Dave Berkus speaks and the hospitality industry listens.  One of the most popular keynote addresses ever.” – Frank Wolfe, Executive Director, Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP)

“Yours was not only one of the very best and most informative keynotes we’ve had in the years since we started our events, but also including the many conferences that we regularly attend and participate in. You clearly know the topic well, presented clear research and delivered it all with a great sense of humor. Our investor audience can benefit from your insights and apply them to how they think about investing and work.” William S. Podd, President, Executive Director, Landmark Forum, Landmark Family Office 

“The most important, and the most urgent message presented at HITEC this year. ..Set your compass by the direction Dave has described, or be lost at sea. There are many strong financial reasons the changes Dave describes will occur.  Thank you, Dave for these words to the wise!” –  William E. Beldham, ITG Networks

“Your talk was the most thought-provoking, entertaining one I have heard in years.  I am moving ‘machine learning’ to the top of my development list as a result.  Great, important keynote!” Brian Cunningham, CEO, Gem-tech, Inc. 

“Yours was the best keynote I have seen in many years!  Everyone was talking about it long after. A hit!” – Beverly McCabe, CEO, InnFinity Software, LLC

“Dave Berkus’ renowned presentations have always been both highly insightful and very entertaining. “As We Approach the Wave of Creative Destruction” continues in this tradition. Dave’s keen understanding of “where we have been and why” leads to his well-reasoned forecast of “where we are going.” This is a “DON’T MISS” presentation.”  – Don Kasle, Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels

“Dave Berkus’s keynote really got me thinking about what the future holds.  The time is now for change! Listen to this man. He is important to your future.” Colleen Fitzpatrick,  InnFinity Software, LLC

“Dave Berkus’ understanding of the impact of technology on our industry, coupled with his communication skills, results in a very informative and engaging presentation.”  John Bowen, Conrad N. Hilton College, University of Houston

“You presented thought provoking and very insightful information. I was completely enthralled by everything you said and showed.”  -Thomas Leffler, serial entrepreneur. (ABL half-day Workshop 2018)

“Great presentation!  Really interesting conceptual framework in which to assess investment/development initiatives.” – Tony Pfannkuche, PhD, CEO Bridge Executive Corporation

“ABL Members gave Dave Berkus a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating; the highest rating ever given to one of our presenters.” Adaptive Business Leaders workshop “The New Industrial Revolution – Fires of Change”