What people say – Success Factors for Business Keynotes


Success Factors – Smiling at Success, Laughing at Failure   (Keynote or General Session)

“You are a rock star!  Without question, you were the hit of the Venture Forward Conference.”- David S. Rose, Founder, GUST, and host, Gust-Bloomberg Venture Forward Conference – (New York City)”  

“A standing room only, keynote address to a room full of angel investors and entrepreneurs that spoke to the lessons learned during his career.  The audience identified with Dave’s stories, participated in his experiences, and laughed often when something hit close to home.  A must see for anyone who wants to hear from a seasoned professional who has been there and done that – who shares personal experiences with both success and failure.”  Bob Séguin, Director, Economic Development, Niagara Region, NACO Canada annual Angel Summit keynote.

“Dave Berkus is an experienced entrepreneur who delivers insights to business owners that aren’t theoretical, but wedded to reality.  He overcomes the challenge of an unsophisticated audience by delivering his message in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable manner that educates his audience almost unknowingly.  We highly recommend Dave for any business audience from startup to established management – his lessons are valuable across the spectrum.” – Debbie Humphrey, INNOVEST New Zealand

“You were fantastic and had a great crowd – standing room only.”  Adam Henderson, COO / Head of Global / Keiretsu Forum keynote

“It was great to see how his personal craft and integrity led to his many successful ventures.” “Great presentation style and lessons learned. Inspirational!” “Loved it!!!” “Had a voice that was mesmerizing, and charm that engaged us all.”- Audience comments, Western Region Planned Giving Conference keynote

“Dave Berkus delighted our audience of investors with his Keynote Speech at the 2015 National Angel Summit. Dave’s genuine and diverse selection of case studies relating to his experiences helped our audience better appreciate the challenges faced by all Angel investors, including someone of his stature and experience. It was a real treat to have Dave be a part of our Summit.”  Anna Lepietuszko, NACO Canada annual Angel Summit keynote

“We received so many great reviews on your presentation…” Katelynn Henderson, i2E, Oklahoma City Entrepreneurial Summit keynote

“I have heard nothing but compliments from those in attendance about your message. You reinvigorated our more seasoned members and helped educate our newer members. It is safe to say ‘Dave Berkus played very well in Peoria.’ ” Rob Stevenson, President of the Central Illinois Angels

“The students were mesmerized.  They greatly appreciated the practical advice, and your “case study” method of delivery. The virtual program through Skype using your sophisticated TV studio worked perfectly, and we felt you were in the room talking with us.  When you signed off, they all looked at me and collectively said ‘wow.’  I have heard nothing but compliments from those in attendance about your message.” Christobel Selecky, University of California Irvine 

Building A Board For Early Stage Companies   (Keynote or General Session)

“Dave Berkus was the best received speaker at the ACA conference where the hard-to-please angel investors are rarely excited. Comments such as “rock star”, “best speaker we have ever had”, and “right on the money” were just some of the overwhelmingly positive comments. Dave’s experience and expertise in the area of startup companies, angel investing, and boards, is rare. However, his ability to deliver rich concise impactful advice with a gift for speaking is unparalleled.” – Richard Sudek, Ph.D, Angel Capital Association (ACA International Conference)

“Dave Berkus gave EBAN’s international audience a great insight into how to keep a safe distance while making significant contributions as Board members of young start-ups during the 2011 EBAN (European Business Angel Network) Annual Congress. The public especially appreciated the best practices and common mistakes to avoid. Dave’s 50 years of entrepreneurial experience, successes and failures gave not only knowledge but also blood-and-flesh passion to his presentation.”  – Miguel Trujillo, COO, EBAN (European Business Angel Network)

“Extending The Runway – Building Great Companies Using Limited Resources”   (Keynote or General Session)

“We appreciate your sharing the benefit of your vast experience in an amazingly well-focused presentation. Your perspectives on the contrasts between start-ups and established public company boards were especially valuable and added a lot of relevance for the audience. Survey results were extremely high including a 4.9 out of 5 rating. One representative quote from the audience comments: ‘ The best presentation on board responsibilities that I have seen in a long time. No mind numbing pontification, just an informative straight forward presentation.’ ” – John Rehfield, Chairman, Forum for Corporate Directors (“An Evening With Dave Berkus”)

“Dave Berkus’ keynote address at our Northwest Ohio Venture Summit represented a significant milestone and high point for the region. Dave’s message regarding the value, importance and effective use of high performance Boards of Directors clearly resonated with our aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs and technology company founders. The positive references to Dave’s keynote continued to be heard on the 2nd day of our Summit. Dave – well done and thanks”. Greg Knudson, Director – Rocket Ventures (“Extending the Runway” keynote at Northwest Ohio Venture Summit)

“As Henry Vehovec, our founder, stated publicly, ‘I have received my designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors and learned more in this one hour presentation than from my sessions at the ICD Corporate Governance College.’ Henry, others and I certainly appreciated your presentation. It was right on the mark.”-Andrew Wilkes, President, National Angel Capital Association (Canada) (“Berkus evening dinner keynote at NAO Summit”)

“We received rave reviews from your presentation.” – Dr. Ken Lu, Director, Innovator’s Conference, Doheney Eye Institute.

“I had the great pleasure to watch the inspiring lecture you gave during the German BAND meeting here in Berlin (Potsdam). Thank you so much for sharing your valuable experiences and insights with us all, as well as some of your easy to use methods.”  – Ulf Kluge, German Business Angels (German Angels BAND Conference, Berlin)

“I wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation today. You certainly bring a wealth of experience and the way you frame some of the key issues I felt added a lot to the understanding of real world challenges.” Norman Wolf, Forum for Corporate Directors

“During our national business angels event you where the topper! Thank you for your time and professional and interesting presentation. It was well appreciated. We are very greatfull for that.” – René Reijtenbagh / BAN Oost Nederland