What people say – “Trends in Technology”

“Your sessions are always rated a 10!!! Thank you for your generosity in giving so much to our attendees each year. They are fortunate to hear from you each year…no one on earth, other than you, can deliver such relevant and interesting forward thinking.” – Diane Doolin, Founder (Client University -Morgan Stanley Wealth Management)

“Dave Berkus is easily one of the most prepared, polished, naturally engaging and informative speakers in this space. His command of trends shaping technology and the related investment world are ahead of the curve, yet easily grasped by people whose knowledge is more casual or anecdotal. You can’t help but learn something new when listening to him.”- Tom Still, Director, Wisconsin Technology Council – (Wisconsin Entrepreneur’s Conference)

“Mind-blowing insights. Redefined the world we live in.” “Forces you to think strategically.” “Dave gives hope and confirms direction.” (Audience comments: Measurement, Control & Automation Association national conference keynote)

“Dave Berkus was great. People in our industry don’t think about these things and I found his presentation riveting.” “The [remote broadcast] with Dave Berkus was excellent.” “It was very much as if you were in the room with us.” Audience comments, Dave’s remote keynote from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, Ted’s Technology Conference, Sydney.

“Dave Berkus provided insightful commentary on key technology and industry trends.  The audience of municipal leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs were not only entertained, but also challenged to re-examine their preconceptions of the current business environment and to really look at the rate that technology is disrupting the global economy.  It is a credit to Dave that even days after his speech, conference attendees were discussing how the key points that were raised, were relevant and needed to be applied to the Niagara Region.”  Bob Séguin, Director, Economic Development, Niagara Region, Canada, Small Business Month Launch Keynote.

“Every time Dave speaks at our conference, he brings new material, exciting insights, and a message that is both provocative and motivating. He has a rare talent for identifying new trends and fundamental shifts in the market place.”  Jane Kelly, Program Chair (Harvard Entrepreneur’s Conference, Orange County, California)

“The Trust Customer Conference is attended by senior decision makers of our hotel group clients all around the globe. We are always looking for high profile guest speakers who can give additional value to the audience and allow them to step back a moment from the topics of everyday business and look at their market from a new perspective. Dave’s presentation and performance on ‘Ten Technology Trends’ fulfilled this in a great way and the audience was impressed by the exciting insights Dave provided.”  Richard Wiegmann, Managing Director and COO, Trust International (Trust International User’s Conference, Bangkok Thailand)

“Dave Berkus is that unique combination of investor and entrepreneur who knows how to deliver no-nonsense advice to all. He’s a respected trend-watcher who puts listeners at ease while telling them what they need to know.”  Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council – (Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference)

“Great content. Engagingly delivered. Certainly one of the best.”  Rudee DeFelice, (VISTAGE Executive Conference Los Angeles, California)

“Dave provided excellent content, prepared will in advance, and delivered a presentation that all levels of the audience could appreciate and understand. From our audience: ‘Very clear and informative! Great speech.’ ‘If you want to stay up with tech trends, it’s a must to attend.’ ” Frank Wolfe, CEO, HFTP Organization (HITEC keynote Austin TX)

“Dave has again succinctly captured the top 10 trends this year, and clearly articulated their implications for us. I’d cancel a key client meeting to hear him next year.”  Bob Kelley, CEO ABL Organization (ABL CEO Workshop)