Berkus keynotes HITEC conference in Toronto
Posted on: June 26th, 2017 by Dave Berkus 4 Comments

June 26th, 2017:  Noted tech author, speaker, investor and entrepreneur, Dave Berkus was the opening keynote speaker for this year’s Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) HITEC conference in Toronto, Canada.  Well-known to the travel technology community for his many innovations as an entrepreneur and his multiple investments in the field over the years, Berkus spoke about the coming era of creative destruction with his talk titled “Will tech take your job?”

HITEC is the premiere event of its kind, with over six thousand attendees from the hospitality field from CEO’s to CIO’s to industry professionals in finance and technology – all converging to see the latest in innovation – as technology changes the way hotels, resorts and clubs serve their guests and members.

This is the second time Berkus has keynoted an HFTP conference – the first in 2008.



4 Responses
  1. Frank Wolfe says:

    Dave Berkus speaks and the hospitality industry listens. One of the most popular keynote addresses ever.

  2. Brian Cunningham says:

    Your talk was the most thought-provoking, entertaining one I have heard in years. I am moving ‘machine learning’ to the top of my development list as a result. Great, important keynote!

  3. Beverly McCabe says:

    Yours was the best keynote I have seen in many years! Everyone was talking about it long after. A hit!

  4. The most important, and the most urgent message presented at HITEC this year. The ~55 year cycle is again upon us. There is both opportunity and risk. Change with the current or be toast. Set your compass by the direction Dave has described, or be lost at sea. There are many strong financial reasons the changes Dave describes will occur. The pace accelerates. Thank you, Dave for these words to the wise!

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